Time To Put Your Two Cents In On Michigan’s Energy Decisions

11 Feb 2013

In November, Arthur blogged about the details of Governor Rick Snyder’s Special Message on Energy and the Environment.  In that message, the Governor also spoke about reaching out to members of the Legislature and interested Michiganders for solid information about the effects of Michigan’s policies and the energy marketplace.  This week, that information gathering process will begin with the first of a series of seven public forums to be held around the State.  The forums will be co-chaired by John Quackenbush, Chair of the Public Service Commission, and Steven Bakkal, head of the Michigan Energy Office.  The first forum will be held in Lansing.  Other locations on the schedule include Grand Rapids, the Tri-Cities area, Kalamazoo, Detroit, Marquette and Traverse City.  A full list of the forum dates, locations and times can be found here.  Each forum will include scheduled speakers and time set aside for interested members of the public to speak. 

Following the public forums, the chairs will be tasked with developing informational reports that the Governor will use when he makes his comprehensive recommendations at the end of the year regarding Michigan’s energy future.  The hope is that by 2015, this process will enable policy makers to implement new decisions about Michigan’s energy framework that will enhance Michigan’s adaptability, reliability, affordability and the environment.  So, if you have something to say, here’s your chance.

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