The Verge of Perpetual Flight.

8 Jul 2010

Updating a prior post (A new greener kitty hawk?), the Solar Impulse completed a 26 hour and 9 minute flight this morning powered only by solar energy collected from the sun during a day aloft over Switzerland.  The organizers claim that it was the longest and highest flight in the history of solar aviation.

The plane flew in loops in Swiss airspace and within gliding range of the airport that it took of from so that it could land in the event it ran out of energy.  The aircraft maintained an average speed of 26 miles per hour and a maximum altitude of 28,000 feet.

The next milestone will be crossing the Atlantic using a second prototype which will soon go into construction.  I wonder if they will equip the next prototype with a heater since the pilot’s main complaint during the record setting flight was a 10-hour period during which it was minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit in the cockpit.

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