Solar power in the east, west and in between

20 Oct 2010

While the Obama Administration’s plan to install solar panels has been widely covered, there has been much less press coverage of the Interior Department’s recent approval of the first permits to build solar energy plants on public lands  in the California desert.

The Imperial Valley Project will be a solar dish facility built on almost 6,600 acres to generate (when completed) enough electricity to power between 200,000 and 500,000 homes.  San Diego Gas & Electric has signed a 20-year agreement to buy power from this project.

The Lucerne Valley Project is a much smaller project to be built on 422 acres which reportedly will generate enough power for roughly 20,000 homes.

In both cases, the State of California and the federal government have put these projects through a fast-track process as well as environmental review and public comment. The companies have both agreed to mitigate impacts to wildlife.

Also, the Governor of Ohio recently announced that a solar project comparable to the Lucerne Valley Project will be built in southeastern Ohio by two Spanish solar power manufacturers.

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  2. solar lights 05. Nov, 2011 at 7:03 am #

    let’s hope obama keeps his promises and doesn’t renege on them.

    with the new feed in tariffs being implemented in the UK, we had quite exciting times for solar energy here. although recent news about the government halving the tariff is a touch baffling.

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