So, some wind successes, but on the other hand….

6 Sep 2011

I blogged previously about the State’s decision to leave wind zoning issues at the local level.   On the plus side, DTE is moving forward with a major wind project in  Thumb  as it received MPSC approval.  Also, last month, a wind energy tower plant was dedicated in Monroe. The 150,000-sq. ft. plant, when fully up and running, could employ up to 150 people.  At full production, Ventower will be able to produce 300 towers per year, each of which are 300-feet-tall and 16-feet in diameter.

On the negative side of the ledger, a 100 turbine project planned for four townships in  northwestern Michigan is in danger of being downsized due to less than robust public support and, reading between the lines, likely public opposition.

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