Now this is smart…..

1 Jul 2014

smart meter; smart grid technology

Smart Meter

The grid gets smarter.  In Close Encounters of the Third Kind, just before they send Richard Dreyfus out in the middle of the night, there’s a short scene in a control room where the power company management are discussing where the power outages are and where to deploy their repairmen (hence Richard’s close encounter).

I figured that between 1977, the year that movie came out, and now, such technology had already been deployed. After a number of power outages on my block over the years, I learned that, until we got our smart meter, DTE had no way of knowing if my power was out unless I called them.  So, the smart meter was a step forward.

Now, DTE has invested in a new technology to better monitor Detroit’s grid and be proactive in identifying when outages might occur to hopefully avoid them.  DTE has signed on with a company called Tollgrade which has made a commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative.  Reportedly, this $300,000 investment by DTE will save that much in overtime and crew travel as the utility improves not only its response times and remote monitoring but its ability to avoid outages.  As someone who knows where all the dry ice stores are and which of my neighbors have automatic generators, this is a smart improvement I can support.  Hopefully it will prove beneficial to Detroit and to the rest of the country.

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  1. Karen Seman 10. Jul, 2014 at 3:53 pm #

    As someone who was without DTE power for 5+ days last autumn, I hope so too.

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