Recycling becomes even more mainstream

29 Sep 2010

Lowe's Recycling Station; photo courtesy of Business Wire

Lowe’s has announced that it will be stationing recycling centers in the front of each of its nearly 1700 stores to accept rechargeable batteries, compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) and plastic bags.  We’ve blogged before about reusing and recycling and are all in favor of it.  Lowe’s has always accepted returns of CFLs and batteries that they sold but never have they done so in such a public, accessible fashion.

CFLs use mercury and should not be thrown out in the trash.  Rechargeable batteries have other metals and hazardous substances.  While they typically save energy and avoid waste due to their efficiencies, part of the problem with these items has been a concern about their disposal.

The cynic in me says that Lowe’s is trying to avoid other, more onerous, European-style mandated take back programs.  However, whether solely motivated by a desire to do good, Lowe’s  has just made it easier for their customers to do the right thing.

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