Recycled blue jeans? Not just for the 1960’s set anymore

14 Dec 2010

Blue jeans in your attic? In your car?  Well, yes; and no.  Kevin and I recently learned about companies recycling denim into very effective insulation.    And shortly after that, I read an article about how Ford is using recycled denim as part of its Ford Focus in carpet backing and sound absoprtion material.  The denim isnt old blue jeans, rather, its post industrial content meaning that its scraps from the factory floor that no one ever wore.  One company that I came across is actually using post consumer denim.  And reportedly, Levi’s insulated their headquarters with recycled denim. 

It is a bit strange to see blue insulation but it works very well – in that demonstration that Kevin and I saw recently, it actually was better at sound deadening than some more conventional insulation brands. 

Ford is doing this not only to be green but also to save green as the denim is, or will be, less expensive than the materials it replaces.  Of course, for the crafty-types among us, there are the traditional ways to recycle actually worn denim.

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