Plastic bags going away? Maybe

4 Apr 2011

Kevin blogged last year about a trend of state and local initiatives opposing plastic shopping bags.  While California did not enact a state-wide ban, local bans have continued to spring up. 

A Bill was recently introduced in the Illinois Legislature that would impose many new obligations on manufacturers of plastic films including requiring them to create a plan to recycle bags and films.  Vermont has introduced an outright ban, as has Oregon.  The Hawaiian Islands of Maui and Kauai also enacted bans on plastic shopping bags.  Michigan looked at this two years ago but there is no legislation pending at this time.

A recent Wall Street Journal Article focused on a California lawyer’s crusade to preserve the plastic bag challenging local bag bans.  Most interesting is his own recognition of the quixotic nature of his cause. 

I have no doubt that single use plastic bags are likely to be relegated to the debris pile of history like TV rabbit ears and payphones but in the meantime, people will still fight over which is worse, “paper or plastic.”

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