Michigan is No. 4 is Solar Jobs.

1 Nov 2010

Photo credit: OregonDOT @ Flickr

According to a recent report from the Solar Foundation, Michigan has the fourth-largest number of solar energy jobs in the country with 6,300.  Only California, Pennsylvania and Texas had more workers employed in the solar energy sector as of August 2010 (Nationwide, 93,000 Americans are working in solar energy, according to the census).

Surprisingly, on the other hand, the report states that Michigan has only 76 solar energy businesses, far fewer than the other leading states in the industry, and most of which are generated by two large companies, Hemlock Semiconductor Group in Hemlock and United Solar in Rochester Hills.

Michigan’s number of solar jobs will likely increase in the near term as last month Dow Solar Solutions began hiring 100 full-time manufacturing employees for its solar shingle plant in Midland (which I blogged about here).

These are not huge numbers, and they are not automotive related, but certainly positive news for Michigan’s continuing efforts to become a leader in renewable energy.

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