Michigan a big climber in ACEEE’s annual ranking.

8 Nov 2011

A few weeks ago, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy released its annual rankings of the 50 states on their progress toward adopting and implementing various energy-efficiency policies and programs.  No surprise, Massachusetts, California and New York were ranked 1 through 3, respectively.  One of the most improved states was none other than Michigan – who jumped up 10 places to #17.

So why did Michigan make such a large jump?  The ACEEE report noted that Michigan’s improvement is particularly due to the implementation of energy efficiency programs advanced in state legislation P.A. 295 (i.e., requiring that Michigan electric providers achieve a retail supply portfolio that includes at least ten percent renewable energy by 2015).

Here is a link to the State Energy Efficiency Scorecard.  As you can see from the different geographic locations of the various states and their associated ranking, energy efficiency is a smart idea regardless of location or the state’s historic political leaning.

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