MDNRE says “show me the money” on brownfield redevelopment

13 Jul 2010

The Senate Bill on brownfield redevelopment and site closure continues to move in fits and starts. While the legislative drafting on a law that would allow closures (and redevelopment) to occur faster and cheaper is largely completed, the Senate and MDNRE are now talking about redirecting funds from the 2002 Michigan Billion Dollar bond that was primarily aimed at upgrading municipal sewer systems.   Crains Detroit Business reports that MDNRE has asked for $275 Million of the $843 Million unspent “in tandem” with the package of reform bills pending in the Legislature.

Municipal and business groups are reportedly doing their best to ensure that any funds directed to brownfields actually go toward cleaning up contaminated sites, promoting redevelopment and improving the environmental quality of municipal wastewater management and not toward administrative overhead expenses.

While public brownfield cleanups are certainly advisable, why delay private landowners and developers from achieving closure in a cost-effective and environmentally protective way while haggling over funding for public cleanups of orphan sites?

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