MDNRE announces criminal sentencing for haz waste disposal

3 Nov 2010

MDNRE recently announced the sentencing of two brothers and their business for improper hazardous waste disposal. The brothers each pled guilty to a misdemeanor and the company to a felony of  discharging liquid industrial waste into the soil, or into surface water or groundwater or into a drain or sewer, which also violates state environmental laws.

In March 2008, the MDNRE received information that waste liquid containing machine cutting oil was being released onto the soils and into a storm drain behind a facility in Jackson, Michigan.  The company, L & L produces precision metal parts for the aerospace, aircraft industry. These types of operations typically require continuous use of a lubricant or coolant and often result in metal-contaminated waste oil.

L & L had not manifested any waste coolant for offsite disposal since 1999 and claimed that it did not change out its machine coolant, and instead just added to it. MDNRE sampling detected hazardous substances including compounds found in the coolant that was regularly used at L & L for the past several years.  Reportedly, L & L management acknowledged that waste liquids along with scrap metal shavings were put in uncovered, leaking scrap metal bins at the back of the facility and that the waste liquids were going into the storm drain. 

Every couple of years I’ve heard MDNRE claim that criminal investigations and enforcement would be ramped up – this is a reminder that businesses should not take MDNRE inspections lightly.

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