Harvesting the Low Hanging Fruit.

6 Apr 2010

Morgan Stanley headquarters in New York's Times Square.

It it often claimed that addressing the way that buildings are managed and operated is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve energy efficiency and save money.  But are there really tangible savings out there for the taking?  As discussed in a recent Wall Street Journal article, Morgan Stanley is a believer.  The article reports that Morgan Stanley saved about $100,000 in 2009 by changing some of its practices at its global headquarters in New York’s Times Square.  The practices – which had no effect on its operations – included no longer: (i) keeping its trading floors heated or cooled 24 hours a day, five days a week when no one was working; (ii)  keeping the machinery rooms and other mechanical spaces at the same temperature as the corporate suite; and (iii) running the bathroom fans 24/7.  

Of course, those companies that have been minding their “P’s and Q’s” for years may find less “easy” low hanging fruit and may need to be more aggressive to save energy costs.

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