Green Roof Collapses in Illinois.

24 Feb 2011

Photo credit: Aquascape

A green roof recently collapsed at a garden pond construction and supply company located just west of Chicago.  Fortunately no one was injured (it occurred on a Sunday afternoon when few people were working) when a 700-by-50 foot section of the roof buckled over a parking area.  Investigators are apparently still trying to determine the cause of the collapse, but most speculate that it was the result of heavy snowfall followed by a quick thaw from rising temperatures.   

I have blogged a number of times about the benefits and increasing popularity of green roofs.  One thing that I have also stressed is that green roofs can result in increased liability if one is not careful.  Errors in design, installation or maintenance can trigger problems, and repairing a leaking green roof can be difficult and expensive.  You also have to read your insurance policy carefully to make sure that you have coverage in the event that your roof needs to be repaired if a casualty should occur (see above).

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