Green Hits Mainstream: Meijer completes the nation's first LEED-certified supercenter remodel.

18 Mar 2010

Wind turbines on the roof of Meijer's headquarters in Walker, MI.

It was not long ago that the green construction movement was thought of by many as a marketing gimmick for small companies.  No longer is green construction on the fringe.  With giant retailers like Meijer and Wal-Mart now incorporating green construction practices into their new and existing stores, people are bound to take notice and follow suit.

“The Meijer redo of its 195,000-square-foot North Shores store south of Muskegon will go down in the history books as the nation’s first LEED-certified supercenter remodel construction, says the company.  In 2008, the Walker-based retail chain began the remodel of the almost 50-year-old store, at 700 W. Norton Ave., to make it more energy and environmentally sustainable.  Improvements include six roof-top electricity-producing windmills, a solar reflective roof, drought-resistant plants and shrinking the store by 30,000 square feet.”  View the article.

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