Green fatigue?

12 Nov 2010

I’ve posted previously about greenwashing and the FTC’s response to it. Now comes a report that perhaps American consumers are not as moved to buy “green” because it’s inconvenient, it’s more expensive, it may not work as well, or maybe it’s not really green at all (an issue the FTC is trying to address).   Perhaps my favorite is the complaint that one brand’s “green” compostable snack bags made from vegetable byproducts are too noisy and may drown out the sound of the TV while people eat.  

Really? Has the American desire to leave our children a better planet been derailed by our unwillingness to suffer even the slightest inconvenience?  

Frito Lay apparently is backing down to the US market on the “loud” bags, but is actually marketing these bags in Canada based on their compostability and their noise.

While energy, water and other efficiencies are still important to businesses, it appears that the pendulum of the American public is backsliding toward convenience, waste and low price.

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