First major Michigan clean-up law change in 15 years takes another step

1 Aug 2010

I’ve blogged before about the pending changes to Michigan Part 201 which are intended to make it easier for a person remediates contaminated property to obtain the State’s blessing of its closure work.  In part, the legislation seeks to:

1. improve the process for achieving closure finality;
2. continue the right to pursue self implemented cleanups;
3. create a board to review MDNRE’s decisions on closure issues;
4. address the MDNRE’s application of GSI GSI Not a TV Show….;
5. require MDNRE to report statistics on closures requested, granted and denied; and
6. make clear that MDNRE’s operational memoranda are not binding.

The full Senate hasn’t voted on the bills approved by committee on June 9th, but last week, it did advance them to their 3rd and final reading.  Also, Wednesday, Representatives Haveman, Clemente, Stanley, Tyler, Knollenberg, Segal (no relation),  the Michigan House introduced House Bills 6358, 6360, 6361, 6362, and 6363 which parallel the Senate bills.  These bills have all been referred to the House Committee on New Economy and Quality of Life.   These bills, if enacted, should allow Michigan businesses to put more money into cleanups and business and less into reports and process.  Want to know more about the legislation? Contact us.

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