Fewer water bottles – absolutely

10 Dec 2012

Almost two years ago, I blogged about a 3M product that my then 9 year old suggested we buy – A Filtrete Water Station.

While we haven’t completely stopped buying bottled water, I’m pleased to report that we’ve cut our bottled water purchases easily by 90%.  Where we would buy one of those 24 bottle pallets almost weekly, it seems like we buy, at most, a couple of bottles a month and the last pallet we bought is still in the basement and no one can recall when we bought it!

The Filtrete system is still working – we’ve replaced the filter a few times but the biggest issue seems to be that we use these bottles so often that the hinges on the “handles” (which you can see folded down on the bottles in the photo) are starting to wear out. The bottles still look like new. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that anyone sells just the cap assemblies which include the handles and hinges – perhaps 3M will consider that.


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