Feel Good Festival

26 Aug 2010

The following is a guest post from one of our colleagues, Ben McCracken:

Source Separation at the Michigan Brewers Guild Summer FestivalOne thing that bothers me about sporting events, concerts, and festivals is the amount of trash they tend to generate.  It is hard for me to sit back and enjoy the event while I watch the garbage pile up.  Luckily, the Michigan Brewers Guild understands this dilemma and has strived to make its events zero-waste.  This Summer’s Beer Festival was no exception.  Together with members of the Sierra Club, I volunteered to help people separate their waste.  To people new to recycling (or those that have imbibed a little too much) it can be confusing which items go into which bins.  This is complicated by the fact that many biodegradable items such as “plastic” cups and utensils made from corn look like regular non-degrading plastic cups and utensils.  It was funny how many people insist that the “corn cup” in their hand could not be composted.  In addition to requiring vendors at the festival to use biodegradable utensils and plates, the Guild also had water stations to reduce the use of plastic water bottles.  Cheers to the Michigan Brewers Guild for not just creating wonderful Michigan products, but for also helping to keep Michigan green.

Benjamin John McCracken

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