EPA wants more Kalamazoo River clean-up from Enbridge

8 Oct 2012

Arthur has written several posts about Enbridge and its many pipeline spills – including the estimated 843,000 gallons of crude oil spilled into the Kalamazoo River in July 2010.  Well, it appears that, despite Enbridge’s efforts to clean up the Kalamazoo spill (and despite Enbridge’s contention that no additional oil recovery was necessary upstream at the Ceresco Dam), its clean-up efforts are far from over.  Last week the EPA notified Enbridge that more work is required.  While the EPA acknowledged Enbridge’s substantial response actions to address the oil spill, it noted that oil remains in the Kalamazoo River and that most of the remaining oil has settled into the river’s sediments (up to the western end of Morrow Lake).  The EPA stated that submerged oil and/or oil-contaminated sediment (sludge) is currently most evident in three main impacted areas: (i) upstream of Ceresco Dam, (ii) upstream of the Battle Creek Dam (Mill Pond area), and (iii) in the Morrow Lake Delta, and issued a proposed order to require Enbridge to take specific action in those areas.

Enbridge must provide a written response this week to the EPA stating whether it intends to comply with the EPA’s proposed order.

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