EPA announces new GHG initiative

28 Dec 2010

EPA announced at the end of last week that it would  move forward on greenhouse gas standards for fossil fuel power plants and petroleum refineries—two of the largest industrial sources, representing nearly 40% of the GHG pollution in the United States.  The rules released total over 300 pages (not counting the rules focusing on Texas).  Seven states (Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Oregon, and Wyoming) have been found not in compliance with permitting changes EPA required.   EPA will be accepting comments for 30 days.  These rules appear to be more of the same “command and control” that EPA has operated under for 40 years. 

This seems like the war on drugs – the government going after the pushers and dealers (power plants and refineries) and not reforming the users (our electrical use, grid loss, and gasoline consumption).  We know that this approach will be more effective than the war on drugs, but one can’t help but wonder if a multi-pronged approach taking on our usage of fossil fuels and fossil-generated electricity would work better and be less expensive.

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