Dont flush your medicines.

27 Oct 2011

 A new report from the University of Michigan confirms what people have been saying for years now.  Don’t put old medicines down the drain.  The State of Michigan agrees.  Here  is a link to the MDEQ’s website on this topic.  There are local programs in various places in the State and many pharamacies will take back old medicine for disposal as well (although this is not always widely advertised). Why is this a bad practice?

The UM report talks about creating antibiotic resistant superbugs and there have been other reports about hormonal changes in fish, and finding traces of various prescription substances in drinking water (yes, what we flush often winds up in someone else’s drinking supply).

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  1. Arthur Siegal 28. Oct, 2011 at 12:53 pm #

    Sometimes the coincidences are uncanny. This weekend is national DEA take-back day. See the attached for locations in Michigan to take back your prescription drugs!

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