Detroit Edison Offering Credit In Exchange for the Use of Your Rooftop.

28 Mar 2010

Detroit Edison is seeking applications for an interesting solar pilot program.  Under the program, the utility company plans to install photovoltaic (“PV”) systems on a number of commercial and industrial properties throughout its service territory.  The PV systems will be owned, installed, operated and maintained by Detroit Edison.  In return, customers will get an annual credit on their energy bill for each of the next 20 years (between $2,000-$7,5000/year), as well as a one-time, upfront construction payment to cover any inconvenience during installation (between 1,000-$5,000).  The utility is accepting applications for suitable sites up until April 29th. 

How It Works:

Detroit Edison: Customer:
  • Engineers, builds, owns and maintains the PV system.
  • Receives all energy, capacity and environmental and/or renewable attributes generated by the PV system.
  • Provides easement rights to locate the PV system on the property.
  • Receives annual income generated as an easement payment.

Basic Requirements:

  • Candidates must purchase energy from Detroit Edison for the duration of the contract. 
  • Proposed projects must be between 100kW-500kW.
  • The energy generated by the solar PV system will be separately metered and used by the facility.
  • The program in total is limited to $112 million, or roughly 15MW, over the next five years.

Ideal Respondent:

  • Owns a facility with 15,000 square feet of unobstructed rooftop in good condition, or a similarly-sized ground-mount area.  (General rule of thumb: Allow 150 square feet of rooftop space per kW generated.)
  • Has high visibility in the community, either through location, significant visitor traffic, education or community outreach and recognition.
  • Is an institution dedicated to higher education or has 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

More information can be found on the utility’s website (click here).

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