Composter Update

15 Nov 2011

Scott scoops compost out

As you may recall, I replaced the old composter last May because of too many critter incursions.  Well, we did buy a second one over the summer and then my family began asking “when is something going to come out of the composters?”  Last week, I gave in and Scott and I rolled the green composter (there’s now a green one and a black one so we can keep composting once one is “full”) to the front yard and emptied it into a bare and low spot in the front yard.

I was surprised at how wet the compost was, although we later discovered that the drains in the systems had never been opened so that the excess moisture could drain out.  What we found was very heavy, wet compost, mixed with some twigs and one onion that had sent out green shoots rather than succumbing to the composting process.

After emptying it, we put some leaves in it and rolled it back to back yard for the fall/winter season.  I put this one in the win column.

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