Chocolate is the mother of invention

4 Apr 2011

We who are auto-focused know that the heavier the car, the worse the gas mileage (my first car was incredibly heavy and actually got 8 miles to the gallon!).  So, automotive engineers are always looking for ways to lighten up cars without compromising durability, strength, ride or safety.  Now comes word that some automotive engineers at Ford got the idea to inject air bubbles into plastics to lighten them up.

Where did this idea come from?  As someone who lives across the Detroit river from Windsor, I (and my kids) have long known about Aero candy bars (think of a Nestle’s Crunch with the spaces but no rice) which are common in Canada, but I never thought they would lead to a technological breakthrough. Yes, that’s where the idea apparently came from! A great example of thinking outside the box!

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