Big news for big wind

24 Apr 2012

The American Wind Energy Association has ranked Michigan 7th in wind energy jobs and notes that Michigan is in the process of almost doubling its existing wind projects (unfortunately, right now, that only amounts to less than 1% of Michigan’s energy usage).  In the last week,  DTE also announced yet another wind farm.

Last month, the Obama administration and five states (including  Michigan) announced an agreement to begin the process of speeding up  plans for offshore wind farms in the Great Lakes.  The deal is designed to allow state and federal agencies to develop a blueprint to speed regulatory review of proposed wind farms without sacrificing environmental and safety standards.

And then, last week, word was published in publications ranging from the liberal Daily Kos to the Wall Street Journal that Grand Valley State and Michigan Tech were seeking investors to help fund an effort to develop and study floating wind turbines in the Great Lakes.  These turbines would be out of sight of shore to avoid the NIMBY problems that have opposed previously discussed wind farms here and around the country.

Reportedly, the US and UK are working on similar issues to help England (and the US) with wind energy development.

It is certainly an exciting time to be in the wind field.


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