And you thought Detroit was screwy?

21 Sep 2012

Would you add 40 tons of garbage to this?

From the City of Brotherly Love comes this story of a man who cleaned up 40 tons of garbage from the vacant lot next to him and then improving it at his own expense!  You’d think he’d get the key to the City. Instead, the City is threatening prosecution and demanding “restoration.”

The concept of a property owner taking over a neighboring vacant lot (a sort of adverse possession) has its own new name, “blotting” (vs squatting).  Detroit’s Mayor Dave Bing even began his own program of selling vacant lots to neighboring owners for $200 – no questions asked.

However, in Philadelphia, the coffee shop owner, entrepreneur and good Samaritan made the mistake of first asking the City if he could clean the lot – the City had said no – making him an arguable trespasser and proving the old adage that it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

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  1. Joel Ungar 22. Sep, 2012 at 1:27 pm #

    Are you sure this didn’t happen in Detroit? Because it sounds like something the esteemed and wise Detroit City Council would do.

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