A Water Bottle That Will Compost.

21 Apr 2011

Per the Oakland Press, students at Oakland Community College are the first in the State to be offered entirely organic, quick-composting water bottles.  The bottles, which will be sold in campus vending machines and food service shops, are made by Green Planet Beverage Company, a Chicago-based company.

The bottles are made from a biopolymer called Ingeo™ and are 100 percent plant-based, recyclable, and, according to the company, will compost within 80 days if they don’t make it to a landfill.  Even the ink on the label is a soy-based product.  Each water bottle (with water) will sell for $1.50.

Certainly seems to be a better alternative than the current petroleum-based water bottle which takes about 1000 years to break down if left alone.  I’m going to try to get my hands on one of these bottles so Arthur can test it in his composter.

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