A Gulf of Mexico Standoff: Spill Makes Alternative Energy Bill Less Likely

26 May 2010

While it seems that the BP debacle in the Gulf of Mexico would make Congress more eager to pursue alternative energy sources,  it now appears that the contrary is true, due to the web of political “horse trading” that led to the current bill pending in the Senate. As I previously reported, And They Said It Couldn’t Happen – New GHG Legislation ,  the US House of Representatives passed a very complex greenhouse gas (ghg) bill and a similar bill was recently introduced in the Senate.  Senator Graham of South Carolina was the lone Senate Republican who worked on the bill but who removed his name as a sponsor. It has been reported that Senator Graham indicated that he thinks that the bill needs to be slimmed down. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/25/lindsey-graham-to-obama-s_n_589202.html. The powers that be seem to think that the Republicans won’t vote for the bill without off-shore drilling and that the Democrats won’t vote for the bill with the off-shore drilling.  It is both sad and amazing that even a disaster of this magnitude can’t motivate Congress to work together.

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