$2.3 Million to clean up MSP post?

16 Nov 2010

The shoe is on the other foot in a report that the former Michigan State Police headquarters building in Lansing will cost the State some $2.3 Million as the environmental part of a $4.2 Million demolition.  The environmental costs reportedly include  $1.5 Million for asbestos abatement as well as thousands for removal of an old incinerator, PCB-containing transformer, underground storage tank and a hydraulic hoist.

Too bad there isn’t a developer out there willing to redevelop this site in exchange for brownfield credits.

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  1. Arthur Siegal 16. Nov, 2010 at 2:46 pm #

    This becomes even more interesting with the announcements that the City of Detroit is preparing to demolish old Ford Auditorium and that the Detroit Public Schools is continuing to try and sell or lease old schools and other real estate “as is.” If these buildings hold any value, the State’s brownfield program should increase that value.

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