10th Anniversary of the Ford Rouge Plant Green Roof

28 Dec 2012

This year marked the 10th anniversary of the ultralight green roof installation at Ford Motor Company’s River Rouge Plant located in Dearborn, Michigan.  According to this Xero Floor video, which provides a history of the project and a summary of the results thus far, the roof has been a success. 

When the roof was installed in 2002, it was the largest of its kind (10.4 acres).  Although several different types of green roofs were considered, vegetated mats developed by the German company Xero Flor were ultimately chosen.  The roof is made of sedum, a drought resistant perennial ground cover.  Its primary function is to collect and filter rainfall as part of a natural storm water management system.  Other benefits include thermal management (it insulates the building thereby reducing heating and cooling costs) and improved air quality (it traps air-borne dust and dirt, absorbs carbon dioxide, and creates oxygen).  The roof also creates habitat for wildlife and is predicted to last twice as long as a conventional roof. 

You can get a closer view of the green roof from an 80-foot observation deck during a Ford Rouge Factory Tour.  The tour is a unique experience and well worth the time.  For more information visit the Henry Ford.

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