“It prints money.”

5 Apr 2010

Dick DeVos explains the Green Machine, a product sold through a joint venture between Windquest Group and Pro Services.

A new Southwest Michigan company hopes to convince industrial companies across the Midwest that their waste is valuable.

Green Machines, according to ElectraTherm Vice President Bill Olson, could save a large industrial company up to $42,500 in electricity costs a year.  And the cost of purchasing a machine on average would be paid off in three to four years, he said.  “It prints money,” Olson said.

The potential gain in electricity generation increases with each machine a company decides to link together.  Green Machines also require no additional power and create no emissions.  The machines will be marketed to chemical, food-processing, paper and pharmaceutical companies.

If this machine works as advertised, it would appear to be a great product.   Of course, saying that the machine “prints money” is quite a claim to live up to.

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