Trade in Honolulu Blue for Green?

5 Aug 2014

largeAs a life-long Detroiter, I know that the Detroit Lions’ colors are Honolulu Blue and Silver, so imagine my surprise when I saw a photo of a green Lions jersey.  Years ago, the Tigers used to wear green uniforms if a spring training game fell on St Patricks Day but this is a bit more than that.

The Lions announced yesterday that they are the first NFL team to join with REPREVE which makes a fabric from recycled plastic bottles.  Repreve and the Lions are launching a consumer education campaign to “Make the Smart Throw,” encouraging fans to toss their bottles into recycling bins instead of trash cans. The Lions are aiming for 100% recycling (at least of plastics).

Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 6, the Lions’ quarterbacks will forgo the traditional red jerseys for REPREVE green jerseys, each made from 21 recycled plastic bottles. Fans who attend will receive fan towels made from three recycled bottles and other REPREVE-based items, including t-shirts and autograph cards.

We have blogged before about the greening of sports and about Ford’s environmental initiatives.  Now it seems that the Ford family has decided to extend their green thumbs to the Lions.  It’s nice to see and I look forward to the success of the program.

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