LIFX smart bulbs now available

14 Oct 2013


Image: LIFX.Kickstarter

Just over a year ago, I blogged about the LIFX smart bulb, a Kickstarter funded project.  At that time, the project had just been fully funded (in record time) and production on the first batch of bulbs was about to begin.

As you may remember, LIFX is an energy efficient, multi-color LED bulb that can be controlled by a smartphone.   LIFX can also be turned on and off from an existing light switch – just like a regular light bulb – so you won’t be left in the dark (or light) if you lose your smartphone. 

The first batch of bulbs produced went to those who funded the Kickstarter project and the second batch already sold out.  No need to worry, however, as you can pre-order bulbs from the third batch which is expected to ship (and have limited retail availability) in the first quarter of 2014.  The ultimate price?  $89 plus shipping for an individual bulb ($85 each if you purchase 4 or more). 

It is unfortunate that the third batch won’t be ready in time for the holiday season as LIFX would certainly make for an interesting gift.

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