Bill Could Make Brownfield Redevelopment Easier

30 Nov 2012

Michigan Senate Bill 1210, which would amend the state’s Brownfield Redevelopment Financing Act, was recently passed by the Senate and is now on its way to the House.  If enacted, the Bill could further promote urban development throughout the state.  Some of the Bill’s highlights include:

  • creating a “State Brownfield Redevelopment Fund” which would, among other things, support a grant and loan program to fund the costs of eligible activities on eligible property,
  • expanding the definition of “infrastructure improvements” to specifically include underground parking, multilevel parking structures, and urban storm water management systems – allowing, for the first time, TIF funding of these often-critical components to a development,
  • adding historic resources to the Act’s definition of “eligible property” and “eligible activities,”  which will assist in Michigan’s redevelopment program taking a more wholistic approach,
  • eliminating the requirement for municipalities to pay the Michigan Strategic Fund or the Department of Environmental  Quality to review work plans,
  • removing the requirement that a plan be approved before January 1, 2013, thereby allowing the program to continue to support new developments,
  • allowing for approval of either a work plan or a combined brownfield plan, which will reduce the amount of work developers must do, and
  • providing mechanisms to respond to the failure of a project to occur.

Michigan’s brownfield redevelopment law helps to preserve undeveloped property for agriculture, wilderness and recreational use, and also benefits urban centers by returning contaminated, blighted, or obsolete property to productive use and providing for the generation of tax revenue.  We believe that Senate Bill 1210 will improve the law, remove barriers and streamline brownfield redevelopment.

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  1. Nicholas Maloof 01. Dec, 2012 at 1:04 pm #

    Hi Arthur!

    As we discussed and agreed at our meeting yesterday, it is imperative that all interested parties contact all members of the House of Representatives they may know or who represent their district to move this Bill out of committee for a full vote by the House. Governor Snyder has stated his support for the legislation and appears ready to sign it.

    I urge all interested parties in the commercial real estate, land development, legal, environmental, financial and allied fields to make telephone calls and send emails to help push the legislation forward.

    If the legislation does not become law by year-end, the entire process will have to start all over again…a potential nightmare scenario for any Brownfield project currently in the approval process.

    Let’s hope that our combined efforts can end the year on a good note.

    Best regards,


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